About President

Karnataka State Dental Council

Dr. Ranganath V
From: 18/09/2020
To: Till Date

I would like to thank everyone for giving me an opportunity to serve the council. Due to the pandemic, team KSDC and our mentor Dr M C Sudhakar sir couldn't invite you for pooja of new premises. Once normalcy is restored, will be Inaugurating with all your presence. To maintain transperncy in the council we will be uploading the minutes and balance sheets in our website once our committee approves. Team KSDC will take up immediatly the matter related to KPME where many are facing problem in registration process. As we could get trade license cancelled, will approach kpme authority to make kpme process simple and convenient for our fraternity. With all your guidence will strive to achieve more.

Greetings from Karnataka State Dental Council, please note that it is important to renew your registration in time to have a valid registration to practice.

The new code of ethics have been prescribed by Dental Council of India (Available under Rules & regulations in the website). For your convenience online renewal facility is available.

It is Mandatory to practice as per the Ethical rules, if you come across any individual or any establishment involving in unethical practices , please bring it to the notice of the Council by Email at registrar@ksdc.in

Any difficulties in the login/renewal please contact No: 080 - 26674068 or write a email to: asst.registrar@ksdc.in

Past Presidents of Karnataka State Dental Council

Dr. S Ramachandra
From: 22/09/1967
To: 15/06/1974
Dr. B R Venkataraman
From: 15/06/1974
To: 23/06/1979
Dr. K R Devanath
From: 23/06/1979
To: 15/09/1979
Dr. T Gopal
From: 15/09/1979
To: 07/02/1985
Dr. C G Raju
From: 07/02/1985
To: 04/05/1991
Dr. Jayaprasad N Shetty
From: 04/05/1991
To: 27/02/2010
Dr. T N Tilakraj
From: 01/03/2010
To: 23/02/2016
Dr. Rajkumar S Alle
From: 24/02/2016
To: 17/09/2020